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Using Branding Effectively

Jan 30

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Every successful company has a recognisable branding strategy. Branding helps a consumer to connect and relate to a specific service or product. Too many companies make the mistake of thinking that a logo is just a symbol instead of combining it with an appealing brand and company name to capitalise on this great marketing tool.

Your brand can be used in all kinds of marketing materials, from posters to company branded clothing, corporate gifts, pamphlets, business cards, vehicle branding and billboards. Every time a consumer sees your brand, it connects them emotionally to your product or service. When they need what you offer, you will be at the top of their minds.

If your brand is continually associated with excellent service and quality products they will fuse in the minds of existing customers. Credibility takes a long time to build and consistent quality and service are the cornerstones of a superior brand.

Once the connection between your customer and brand is established, your brand will motivate the customer to buy more. They will want to try out your other products or services because they know it should deliver on the same satisfaction as the products they have come to know and trust.

Use this connection to your advantage by incorporating branding in your marketing strategy. The more people see your branding, the more they will remember your company, products and services and you will be first in their minds. However, you need to use it wisely.

When you use branding in your internal and external marketing efforts, be sure to make it memorable. Some companies use only their logo, but this can render the marketing effort useless if the company is not already well established and instantly recognisable.

Always use your logo, slogan, mission statement and website together for maximum exposure. This will send a clear message, telling everyone who sees it exactly what you are about.

  • Your logo tells them who you are.
  • Your slogan tells them what you believe in.
  • Your mission statement tells them how you do what you do.
  • Your website address tells them where to find more information.

Also be sure to include a clear call to action in all visual marketing materials. Tell potential customers what to do; how to get in touch; why they want to use your services. Referring them to a website address allows them to get more information while giving you a larger platform from which to provide an effective conversion strategy.

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